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ECG Case 121

This characteristic ECG pattern should be in every critical care practitioner's knowledge base as a STEMI-equivalent, regardless of the magnitude of ST-segment changes seen
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Ultrasound Case 101

A 74 year old man presents with increasing fluid overload and hypotension. He has small complexes on his ECG and you are asked to assess for a pericardial effusion. There is lots of fluid, can you describe where it is?
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Ultrasound Case 099

A 27 year old man presents with 10 hours of right testicular pain. He suffered minor trauma to the testis 20 hours prior to presentation and attributed the severe pain and swelling to that

ECG Case 118

This ECG is from a 35 yr old male Type 1 diabetic. He presents feeling generally unwell with abdominal pain and dyspnea. Interpret the ECG