Gary Zhang

Doctor in Australia. Keen interest in internal medicine, medical education, and medical history.
Henri-Louis-Roger-1809-1891 2
Henri-Louis Roger
Henri-Louis Roger (1809 – 1891) was a French paediatrician. Bruit de Roger and the misnomer... Maladie de Roger (Roger's disease)
Graham Steell
Graham Steell (1851- 1942) was a Scottish physician and cardiologist. Graham Steell murmur: a high pitched early diastolic murmur (1888)
Arthur Bond Cecil (1885 - 1967) 340
Arthur Bond Cecil
Arthur Bond Cecil (1885 - 1967) was an American surgeon and urologist. Cole-Cecil murmur (1908) of aortic regurgitation; Cecil operation (1946) for hypospadias repair.
Rufus Ivory Cole (1872 – 1966) 340
Rufus Cole
Rufus Ivory Cole (1872 - 1966) was an American physician, and the first director of the Rockefellar Institute for Medical Research. Cole-Cecil Murmur
Walter Arthur Bastedo (1873 - 1952) 340
Walter Bastedo
Walter Arthur Bastedo (1873 - 1952) was a Canadian gastroenterologist. He is eponymously associated with Bastedo sign (1909) of chronic appendicitis.
Felix George Fleischner (1893-1969) 340
Felix Fleischner
Felix George Fleischner (1893 - 1969) was an Austrian radiologist. Eponymously affiliated with the Fleischner sign; one of several described CXR signs of pulmonary embolus