Gary Zhang

Doctor in Australia. Keen interest in internal medicine, medical education, and medical history.
Nils Johan Hugo Westermark (1892 - 1980) 340
Nils Westermark
Nils Johan Hugo Westermark (1892 - 1980) was a Swedish radiologist. Westermark sign (1938) of relative oligemia on CXR in pulmonary embolism
eponym LITFL 340
Pierre Barrère
Pierre Barrère (1690 - 1755) was a French physician and naturalist. He published works in medicine, presenting cadaveric dissections and detailed descriptions of pathologies such as pericardial effusion
eponym LITFL 340
Alfred Stieda
Eugen Julius Karl Paul Alfred Stieda (1869 – 1945) was a German Surgeon. Eponym: The Stieda fracture, Stieda tubercle and Pellegrini-Stieda disease (1908)
Maurice Lev (1908 – 1994) 1
Maurice Lev
Maurice Lev (1908 – 1994) was an American cardiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Lenègre-Lev disease disease described in 1964
Augusto Pellegrini (1877 – 1958) 340
Augusto Pellegrini
Augusto Pellegrini (1877 – 1958) Italian Surgeon. Pioneer in the field of prosthetic limbs. Epomyously affiliated with Pellegrini-Stieda disease