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Vincent Alexander Bochdalek (1801–1883) 340

Vincent Alexander Bochdalek

Vincent Alexander Bochdalek (1801–1883) Czech anatomist and pathologist. Eponym: congenital posterior diaphragmatic foramen and herniation. Bochdalek Hernia
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Sherren triangle

Area of skin hyperaesthesia bounded by lines joining anterior superior iliac spine, the pubic symphysis and umbilicus. One of myriad signs associated with acute appendicitis.
Charles Dettie Aaron (1866 – 1951) 340

Charles Dettie Aaron

Charles Dettie Aaron (1866 – 1951) was an American gastroenterologist. Eponym: Aaron sign (1913) in chronic appendicitis
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Aaron sign

Aaron sign: referred pain felt in the epigastrium upon continuous firm pressure over McBurney's point, indicative of chronic appendicitis (1913) by Charles Dettie Aaron (1866-1951)
John Englebert Dunphy (1908-1981) Dunphy sign cough test appendicitis 340

Dunphy sign

Dunphy sign [* cough test; coughing test ] increased abdominal pain, localised to the right lower quadrant, with coughing. Attributed to John Englebert Dunphy (1908-1981)

Friedrich Trendelenburg

Biography Born May 24, 1844 in Berlin, Germany the son of the famous German philosopher Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872) 1861 – his father thought him not yet ready to enter university, and sent him to Edinburgh to teach German to…

Jacob Moritz Blumberg (1873-1955) 340

Jacob Moritz Blumberg

Biography Born 27 June 1873, Poznań (Posen), Poland 1897 – Graduated medicine from University of Breslau, Wroclaw 1908 – Birth of eldest son Dr Ernst Friedrich Blumberg (1908–1973), also a notable surgeon, gynaecologist and radium therapist 1948 – Naturalised to…

Anthony Bassler (1874 – 1959) 340t

Anthony Bassler

Anthony Bassler (1874 - 1959) was an American gastroenterologist. Bassler sign (1913) appendicitis clinical examination
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Howship-Romberg sign

Description Pain and paraesthesia along the inner (medial) aspect of the thigh, down to the knee; and pain on internal rotation of the hip along the distribution of the obturator nerve. Caused by compression of the obturator nerve most commonly…