Category General Surgery
James Rutherford Morison (1853 - 1939) 340

Rutherford Morison

James Rutherford Morison (1853 - 1939) was an English surgeon. Pouch of Rutherford Morison* (1894) BIPP: Bismuth, iodoform and paraffin paste
John Englebert 'Bert' Dunphy (1908-1981) 680

J. Englebert Dunphy

John Englebert Dunphy (1908-1981). Dunphy sign [*cough test for appendicitis] increased pain, localised to the right lower quadrant.
James Sherren (1872-1945) 680

James Sherren

James Sherren (1872-1945) British General surgeon. Eponym: Sherren's triangle - area of hyperaesthesia associated with appendicitis