ECG Case 054

Elderly patient presenting with nausea and visual disturbance. Interpret the ECG.


Describe and interpret this ECG


This is a tricky ECG!

There is evidence of atrial fibrillation, as evidenced by the irregular baseline with fibrillatory waves most prominent in V1-2.

NB. Fibrillatory waves are characteristically seen in V1-2 (which overlie the atria), as opposed to tremor artefact which may be in seen in multiple leads without a predominance for V1-2. 

However, the ventricular rhythm is regular. How can this be? AF is irregular by definition…

This is an example of “regularised AF” due to digoxin toxicity:

If this all seems like too much of a coincidence, then consider the pathophysiology of digoxin toxicity…

Mechanisms of Digoxin Toxicity

Digoxin toxicity produces a wide variety of dysrhythmias, due to:

  • Increased automaticity of atrial, junctional and ventricular tissues — via actions at the Na/K and Na/Ca exchangers causing increased intracellular calcium and therefore increased spontaneous depolarisation of cardiac pacemaker cells.
  • Decreased AV conduction — via increased vagal tone at the AV node.

Digoxin toxicity produces some combination of:

Characteristic ECG patterns include:

NB. Digoxin toxicity should not be confused with digoxin effect (= “sagging” ST depression and T-wave inversion in patients on therapeutic doses of digoxin; not predictive of toxicity). 

Clinical Pearls 

  • Check for tremor artefact before you start diagnosing regularised AF!
  • If the ECG pattern appears genuine and the clinical picture is compatible with digoxin toxicity (GI upset, xanthopsia, current digoxin treatment), then check an urgent digoxin level.

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  1. Heyo,
    I love your site.
    Im a little confused by the diagnosis of that ecg.
    Couldn‘t this be an atrial flutter ? (which in most of the cases is regular ).
    The waves between the QRS Komplexes are so big and regular.
    Greetings from germany

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