OSCE videos

The following videos are designed as a guide to your OSCE preparation. The aim was for clear passes and higher level answers which was achieved but with some dodgy editing. Sometimes it took more than one take, even with people that have passed the OSCE or even won the prize!

It’s always very humbling to see others in action and the team are far superior to my efforts. I learnt a lot from watching them and I hope that you will do the same. Each page has a video (a couple run slightly over seven minutes) and summary hints to guide your study. You should have a framework for the stations but not a script, the examiners do not want robots, but physicians they feel they could work with on the floor who are safe, compassionate and approachable.

These OSCEs have been brought to you by the help of Dr Terence Yuen, Dr David Mai, Dr Liam Hannon, Dr Conor Davis, Dr Eamonn McKeown, Dr Jo Henry, Dr Fahad Yousif and an independent review team. If you have any comments about the videos, better phrases, hints or would like to submit your own OSCE video either for review to our team or to be posted directly on the website please contact LITFL at the bottom of this page or contact Dr Neil Long. 

Feel free to send in comments or new and improved videos to help us expand this resource for future candidates.

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