Activate or Wait

LITFL 100+ Pre-hospital Cath Lab Activation quiz

In these ACTIVATE or WAIT scenarios you, the reader, receive a patch message from the incoming paramedic crew, along with a 12 lead ECG.

Your task is to determine if the incoming patient requires immediate Cardiac Cath Lab activation; NO cath lab activation; or… you can sit on the fence and review the patient in the emergency department on arrival.

Search by keywords; disease process; condition; eponym or clinical features…

ECG 002RBBB, anterior elevation, STE,
ECG 001Anterior STEMI, LAD,

LITFL Top 100 Self Assessment Quizzes

LITFL Top 100 is a series of rapid fire self assessment questions categorical by discipline. Designed to appeal to a broad range of learners from undergraduate to advanced post graduate, and across a range of health disciplines.

Clinical cases and self assessment to enhance interpretation skills through ECG problems. Preparation for examinations. Refresh basics with the ECG Library Basics; the ECG Exam templateECG Differential diagnosis; or ECG A-Z by diagnosis and Killer ECG patterns